Privacy And Security

Privacy And Security

Privacy And Policy

The Privacy And Policy, whose current rules are set forth below, has been adopted for the confidentiality and protection of the information provided by our customers to our website www.bodrumviptransfers.com.

- The personal information you provide while signing up to www.bodrumviptransfers.com will not be shared with third parties or companies other than Bodrum My Turizm Travel Agency. www.bodrumviptransfers.com can send e-mails to its customers about discounts, offers and innovations.

- www.bodrumviptransfers.com uses 128/256 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is the international standard for reservation creation. In this way, your credit card information is encrypted and sent to the virtual pos (VPOS - Virtual Point Of Sale) of the relevant bank / institution and it is prevented from being seen by third parties.

- Bodrum Transfers Credit card information used to create reservations is not kept on our servers. The lock picture on the lower right, upper right or upper left corner of your internet browser (Browser) during the reservation creation stages shows that this page is encrypted with SSL and when clicked on it, it indicates which company the encryption belongs to. istanbulshuttleport.com uses Let's Encrypt security certificate.

- Privacy And Policy IP addresses of computers are recorded for security purposes (forgery, stolen credit card, etc.) in purchases made through www.bodrumviptransfers.com.

- When you shop with your credit card, the virtual pos (VPOS) system of the relevant bank / institution gives the provision approval, and then the security department is contacted and verified. When necessary, www.bodrumviptransfers.com customer representatives may call the credit card holder and request an order confirmation.

- The contact information provided by our customers during the creation of the reservation can be stored and used by Bodrum My Tourism Travel Agency for various promotion, advertisement, promotion, communication, SMS and e-mail sending, sales and carding applications. By approving this information, the customer is deemed to have given consent for various promotion, advertising, promotion, sales and marketing purposes, credit card and membership information, transactions and applications, SMS, push notifications, customer calls, and e-mails for all kinds of products and services.

- If you want to stop the communication about Bodrum My Tourism Travel Agency for any reason, you can easily exit the membership system via SMS and e-mail channels.

- Customers can request written information free of charge to find out what information is stored about them on www.bodrumviptransfers.com. Your requests for possible corrections, obstructions or deletion of information are processed immediately to the extent stipulated by law. If you have any other questions to Bodrum My Turizm Seyahat Acentası about the protection and security of information, you can always contact us using our e-mail address.

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